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May is Gardening for Wildlife Month: Aerialist Ground Hogs

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Our aerialist ground hog

I’ve been out in the garden, trying to dig up the weeds and plant the vegetable garden. So, I haven’t been writing here in the blog room until now.
The National Wildlife Federation has mentioned that this is gardening for wildlife month and we certainly try to do that. Just the other day, I brought back little jewels of flowers (Phlox divericata) for a niche in the front yard. The following day, when I went to water the potted plant before planting it, I noticed that the flowers had been EATEN by one of my wildlife tenants. Probable lineup of prospects: rabbit or ground hog.

Last year, our resident ground hog gave birth to twin hoglets. Late one morning, the indoor cats were making a fuss at the window that looked out onto our porch. Two small hoglets were running around on the porch, sniffing the seedlings that I put there (to keep away from the rabbit and ground hog). They proceeded to eat most of my brassicas (cabbage family plants), as well as my tomatillos and lettuces last summer. I found that they didn’t seem to bother my Bull’s Blood Beets, tomatoes and red peppers. Other friends, however, have commented that their ground hog eats red things (I was hoping this was a pattern).

So, I had decided to erect a fence around the vegetable garden this spring…that is, until my son spotted one of the ground hogs up in a tree that hangs over the vegetable patch! My thought: why waste the money for a fence when the ground hog can jump over it? I’d not heard of aerialist ground hogs, but I think this must be one of the babies (now grown) who can climb stairs, walls and now trees.

I think this type of ground hog is pretty innovative and sort of like that it lives in my garden. So, this year, I’m planting for my family and the ground hogs. I’ll let you know what mine eats…

If you have ground hog experiences, I’d love some advice!